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Kaye Mortley

Kaye Mortley is Australian by birth but since 1981 has worked as an independent documentary maker based in Paris, producing for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, France Culture, and for state broadcasting companies in Europe and elsewhere. Mortley's cinematic radio productions have received numerous awards from the Prix Futura and Prix Europa; most recently, A Stranger in Alsace received the 2005 Prix Italia prize for documentary work. Mortley also leads creative documentary workshops and builds sound installations throughout Europe. She is dedicated to opening up a space for those whose voice is not often heard, and to listening to the world around her -- both for the sounds and the passing silences.


Merry-go-rounds often reside deep in our memories, conjuring childhood and the magical ability to be carried far away in the blink of an eye or the spin of a carousel.


The radio "feature" is a long-standing tradition of European broadcasting, a format with a style all its own. Kaye Mortley, an independent producer based in France, describes the feature this way: "These pieces are mind movies -- road movies sculpted out of reality.