Lauren Spohrer

Lauren Spohrer (@laurenspohrer) is the co-creator of Criminal .

Previously, she was a producer at NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday and Bryant Park Project , and APM’s The Story with Dick Gordon . She has a Master’s degree in fiction writing from Columbia University, and is the founder of the online literary magazine Two Serious Ladies .


We Lost Them

How does a victim's family cope, hours after a violent crime, when they are thrust into a national spotlight?

This hour, rabbit holes — stories that start exploring one small thing and unexpectedly end up telling a much richer story.

This hour: lawyers-turned-pinball wizards, two extraordinary minds meeting in a field of poetry and, forty years after the phrase was coined, the skinny on 420.


The 2017 Third Coast/RHDF Competition awards the following categories: Best Documentary (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable Mention and Directors' Choice), Best New Artist, Radio Impact, Best News Feature, Skylarking and Best Foreign Language.