Lorelei Harris

Originally from South Africa, Lorelei Harris has spent the bulk of her working life in radio.

There was a spell in current affairs but after producing a number of features for RTé Radio 1, Lorelei ended up working exclusively on radio documentaries and became commissioning editor for documentaries for RTé Radio 1. She has won many awards over the years, national and international. Lorelei is now the Editor of Arts, Features, and Drama for RTé Radio 1. She has held various positions on radio documentary committees and has served on the EBU Features Group since 1996.


Dreaming of Fat Men

One evening in 1994, four women came together for a feast. They had never met one another before. As far as anybody knew, they only had one thing in common: they were all obese.

This hour: decoding female language, an intimate dinner, and a tour of bathroom stall graffiti.