Mad Genius

Mad Genius is an anonymous collective of on-line musicians who construct pop songs from found sounds and media samples.

Their first podcast, 2012..., documented our failed apocalypse and was re-released as the world's first time capsule album in 2015. Their latest, Where@bouts, remixes the world, constructing story-songs about the sense of place. They've produced tracks from vans, hurricanes and dilapidated record stores, each with a story at its heart. Where@bouts is available both a podcast and as songs on your favorite streaming platform. Subscribe, download and steal samples at


Someone's Screaming Outside revisits the rainy Florida night George Zimmerman met Trayvon Martin, using only 911 calls from that evening and musical samples from YouTube videos reacting to the tragedy.

This hour, we’re sharing a few of Third Coast’s favourite stories that didn’t quite fit the mold of past episodes.