Mara Lazer

Mara Lazer is a producer in New Orleans. Mara is a proud member of Radio (R)ejects, a collective of queer and poc radio artists, whose 2019 Third Coast Breakout Session will get SWEATY with the question: "what does it sound like when we experiment with audio to capture our experiences?" This session will be for POC, femmes, people with disabilities, trans peeps and queers who want to talk about how, why and for whom we tell our stories.

Mara attended Transom and produced Sticky Wicket, a historical series for New Orleans Public Radio. They are currently producing a series for the Adult Education program where they teach. Mara seeks to use radio as a tool to investigate ideas, form relationships, confront shame and our past, present and aspirational selves.


Gonna Make You Sweat

What does it feel like when artists challenge conventional radio and allow their lived experiences to inform their work?