Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson (@mradioj) is co-founder of Soundtelling in Stockholm and the co-founder of the Sarahs Award, celebrating audio for the 21st century.

He has won numerous international and national awards. In 2008, Johnson won Prix Italia for his documentary My Father Takes a Vacation, the same year the documentary was awarded with the Swedish Public Service prize Ikaros. His work has been broadcast around the world in England, Canada, USA, Hungary, Italy, Finland and Ireland. His collection of essays called “The Ocean” was published in 2012 with much critical acclaim and is translated into several languages. In 2017, his work with the investigate podcast Spår, together with Anton Berg, made it possible for a man who had been sentenced to a life time in prison to be set free after 13 years in prison, a investigation that made international news.


Introducing... The Sarahs

Let the audio fiction revolution begin! The Sarah Awards has the not-so-little goal of transforming radio drama worldwide.

To kick-off Third Coast's summer fundraiser, we're doing what we do best — sharing great radio from around the world — with some extra special feature podcasts over the next two weeks.

This hour: lawyers-turned-pinball wizards, two extraordinary minds meeting in a field of poetry and, forty years after the phrase was coined, the skinny on 420.


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