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Meribah Knight

Meribah Knight is the reporter and producer of The Promise.

She is a WPLN staff reporter with a track record of award-winning journalism. Her writing and radio stories have appeared on NPR, Marketplace, Here and Now, The PBS Newshour , as well as in The New Yorker, The New York Times, O, The Oprah Magazine, Utne Reader, Crain's Chicago Business, Chicago Magazine and The Chicago Reader.


The Promise is a limited-run series from Nashville Public Radio about life in James Cayce Homes, a public housing development smack in the middle of a city on the rise.

For our feature on The Promise: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, we went behind-the-scenes with producer Meribah Knight. We wanted to know: what were the main ingredients - could be inspirations, motivations or challenges - that are baked into this podcast?

This hour, we trot across middle America, with a story from a Nashville neighbourhood, and a Missouri payphone that won’t stop ringing.