Mike Williams

Mike (he/him) makes documentaries and podcasts about Australian characters and culture.

At the ABC he helped build the music station Double J, was part of the team that launched the current affairs show, RN Drive, co-founded their first ‘podcast-first’ documentary podcast, The Real Thing; created a series about trying to learn to do a backflip; and launched other projects including The J Files, Inside the Big Day Out, and Long Story Short.

Mike’s work is known for its use of humour and has been recognized and broadcast internationally. He’s performed stories live in a sausage restaurant, collaborated with a contemporary dancer, and once recorded 100 interviews in 24 hours (also in a sausage restaurant).


Black Cat in the Room

Moving in with strangers in a new city can be difficult but building a relationship with their pets can be an experience in itself, even if that pet is named after a famous actor.

Persevering Rick

Growing up in Australia, deaf in one ear, Rick had a rough time learning.