Peter Leonhard Braun

Peter Leonhard Braun is a widely esteemed radio producer, writer, teacher, and mentor who developed the European "radio feature" as a distinct form, and by doing so influenced generations of radio producers around the globe.

His groundbreaking Bells in Europe has been translated into more than a dozen languages. From 1974 through 1994, Braun led the Sender Freies Berlin (SFB), the largest documentary department in Germany. Producers around the world traveled there to learn from him, and he traveled far and wide to teach them. In 1974 Braun organized the International Features Conference which still convenes annually. He has been deeply involved with the international media competitions Prix Futura Berlin and the Prix Europa, and is currently treasurer and head of the radio division of the Prix Europa.


Emancipation of Sound

The established elements of Feature productions have been words, music, actualities, and effects.

With a Bird's Eye

Flying across the last 50 years of international feature production is like looking out of an aircraft at night. Looking down you see the illuminated cities, the many shining villages, but far more than everything else you see the sparkling spots of individual talent.