Phyllis Fletcher

Phyllis Fletcher (@phylfletch) is the senior editor for APM Podcasts from American Public Media and is a decorated mentor and journalist.

She began her career as a volunteer in a public radio pledge drive and her first radio story was about racism that happens on the phone. Phyllis gets joy from our craft and from supporting her colleagues' self-advocacy in the workplace, which she has discussed on the podcasts Too Beautiful To Live and Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace. She has been recognized as a local, regional and national editor and is president emerita of the Seattle Association of Black Journalists.


This week: 14 brothers and sisters search for their estranged father, and a profile of one of the most avid sound recordists of all time.


You’re sent to cover breaking news – a natural disaster or a large-scale accident or crime. You don’t have much time, or much warning. How do you bring back sound-rich, interesting tape, that makes listeners perk up their ears?