Priya Ramu

Priya Ramu is formerly the senior producer of Metro Morning, CBC Toronto's award-winning local morning program.

Before that, she was the Senior Producer of Outfront, a forum where Canadians tell their own stories in their own words and styles on the radio. Priya started her career at CBC Radio working as a reporter and documentary maker for both local and national programs in Toronto and Winnipeg. Her work has been recognized by the Canadian Association of Black Journalists, and by the Gabriel awards.


Diamonds are made under pressure! For this session, Priya Ramu and Steve Wadhams from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation present their advice on how to make daily radio that shines and delights.

Taking Risks in Radio

Producing "outside the box" is a challenge to the formulaic landscape of public radio, whether you're producing a sound art parody or poetic essay or a show bent on surprising its listeners.