Rikke Houd

Rikke Houd is a Danish independent working in the field of crafted audio storytelling and documentary art.

Rikke produces in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic and English and her award winning work has been featured internationally from Greenland to Australia in broadcasting, podcasts, theatres, sites and other contexts. As an audio maker and documentarian, Rikke co-founded the youth project Polar Radio and has initiated several transnational audio storytelling projects aiming to support geographical, linguistic and cultural minorities.


Leaps and Dunes

Summer sleepover camp means more than mosquito bites, sunburn, twig art, and bonfire gatherings. Camp offers many kids their first taste of independence -- which can be equal-parts blissful and terrifying.

For years, Horace Parlan played jazz with some of the biggest names, including Charles Mingus and Archie Shepp. Now, at 84, his long piano fingers are stiff, and he lives in a nursing home outside of Copenhagen.

Going into the production process, how did you envision this portrait? Did your ideas change after meeting Horace and beginning to record?


Inspired by a Lego time machine her son built, Iceland-based independent producer Rikke Houd created a tool to help producers take advantage of the vast space radio offers.