Sam Greenspan

Sam Greenspan (@samlistens) is the creator and host of BELLWETHER, a podcast of speculative journalism. At the 2019 Third Coast Conference, Sam will be part of a Panel Discussion all about new methods of intertwining documentary, fiction & story for - dare we say it - even truer stories.

An award-winning radio reporter and producer, Sam has helped launch numerous radio shows and podcasts, including 99% Invisible , USA Today's The City, and NPR's TED Radio Hour. Sam also coined the #YSLTF hashtag ("'You Should Listen To' Fridays"), and writes an infrequent newsletter of the same name. They live in Los Angeles.


This hour we meander our way down three rivers in search of solace, spiritual healing and, of course, total domination.

This hour: we'll bob from the biggest maritime disaster that you've never heard of, to a man who saved thousands of shipboard lives with a deceptively simple design.