Sean Cole

Sean Cole is a producer at This American Life .

Over the years, he’s worked with many other shows including 99% Invisible , Radiolab , Marketplace , Studio 360 and Only a Game .

He started his career in 1997 as a newsroom intern at WBUR in Boston

2003 ShortDocs Challenge: Thirst


In the late 1930s, Massachusetts flooded four towns in the central part of the state to create a reservoir for the city of Boston. More than 2,000 people lived in those towns.

This hour, waiting. Waiting in line, waiting for an organ transplant and waiting for a bus that's never, ever going to come.

This hour: To do lists, compulsive lists, data lists, lists in literature and a list of firsts.

This hour: the story of four small towns that were evacuated and flooded to create one of the biggest reservoirs of drinking water on the east coast.

This hour: a beached whale in Maine, a conversation with the "real" Darth Vader, school kids deconstruct the work of one of America's most difficult poets, and more.

This hour: a story about the vagaries of memory, leaving a legacy, and elevating the personal narrative above the political mire.

This hour: producers and sound artists go to the audio playground and remix to their heart's content.


The Wonders of Narcissism

Let's face it: you're funny and cunning and smart and insightful; disarming, direct, and hopelessly attractive. Why not give the people what they want -- more you! Sure you're not what the story is about.

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