Veronica Simmonds

Veronica Simmonds (@veesimmonds) (she/her) is a podcast producer, story editor and audio artist based in Toronto, Canada.

She currently works at the CBC, where she was the lead producer on podcasts such as Tai Asks Why, Sleepover, and Alone: A Love Story. Described as a “Sonic Sorceress” by THIS Magazine, her radio documentaries have aired on the CBC, ABC and BBC—and her audio creations have been presented at a weather observatory in France, a grain silo in Norway and a salon hair dryer in Pittsburgh. Veronica’s work has also featured internationally at the Hearsay International Audio Festival, Third Coast International Radio Festival, Hot Docs Festival, Bivouac Radiophonique, and Megapolis Audio Art Festival.


Fire Engine Red

This is a story about getting to know your neighbour, when your neighbour is a sound.

Yeah, we all know how sweet it is when our appetites are satisfied, but what's it like to be a satiator?


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