Veronica Simmonds

Veronica Simmonds (@veesimmonds) is a radio documentarian/podcast producer/audio artist based in Toronto, Canada.

She works at the CBC producing the critically acclaimed podcasts Sleepover, Alone: A Love Story, and Tai Asks Why. Described by THIS Magazine as a “Sonic Sorceress,” her documentaries have aired on CBC, ABC and BBC. Veronica’s audio art work has aired in a weather observatory in France, a hair dryer in Pittsburgh, and a grain silo in Norway. Her work has featured internationally at: Hearsay International Audio Festival, Third Coast International Radio Festival, Hot Docs Festival, Bivouac Radiophonique, and Megapolis Audio Art Festival.


Fire Engine Red

This is a story about getting to know your neighbour, when your neighbour is a sound.

Yeah, we all know how sweet it is when our appetites are satisfied, but what's it like to be a satiator?


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